If – like me – you use WordPress for a lot of different sites, you may find yourself installing the same plugins over and over.

Of course this is not that much work, but still it can take quite some time depending how often you install new sites for yourself or clients. Luckily for us there’s a feature on WordPress.org called Favorites. This feature can be used to keep track of your favorite WordPress plugins (and themes).


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In this article I’ll cover the steps to follow to create your own list of favorite plugins:


Register or login to WordPress.org

First of all, we’ll need to access our WordPress.org account by logging in. If you don’t already have one, you can register here. This WordPress.org account is useful for many things, like creating your own profile, use the support forums and add plugins, themes and block patterns to your favorites. You can check out my personal list of favorites here.

Screenshot of my WordPress.org profile page showing my favorite plugins
Favorite plugins on my WordPress.org profile

Add plugins to your favorites

To add a plugin to your favorites, go to the plugin’s page on WordPress.org and click the heart icon on the top right:

Favorite plugin
Add a plugin to your favorites by clicking the heart icon.

When all your favorite plugins are added to your favorites, you can easily access them from any WordPress admin.

Find all your favorite plugins in the WordPress admin

Now that you’ve added the relevant plugins to your favorites, you can easily find your favorite plugins from the admin panel of any WordPress site. All you need to know is your WordPress.org username!

In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > Add New > Favorites, and then enter your WordPress.org username as shown below:

Enter your WordPress.org username to retrieve your favorite plugins
Enter your WordPress.org username to retrieve your favorite plugins

After clicking “Get Favorites”, your favorite plugins will be listed and you can install/activate them straight from this screen:

Install and activate your favorite plugins directly from the WordPress admin panel
Install and activate your favorite plugins directly from the WordPress admin panel

Hopefully you can now see the value in creating a WordPress.org profile and adding some themes and plugins to your favorites list. In addition, the profile can be very useful for asking and providing support on the WordPress.org support forums.

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